The New Brochure 2020

Driven by love for her land and passion for good wine, in 2013 Valentina Tamborini, the new lever of the family business, decides to give his imprint by creating the Valentina Wine Collection line.
Thus was born CREDI, Cabernet franc red wine, followed by VIVI, a white wine made from Johanniter grapes. To graphically represent the collection comes the logo that represents a phoenix, symbol of rebirth. The enthusiasm is great and to these first two nectars are added a white and a red, by the name LA RINASCITA, which tell a passionate search for assemblies: Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Arinarnoa for the Rosso, Johanniter, Souvignier gris, Muscaris, for white.

Even in hard times, Valentina doesn't stop and in May 2020 she presents the new born: a Rosé which completes the La Rinascita collection, dedicated to Ticino and its prince, Merlot.

All the emotions and projects of Valentina are contained in this new brochure that we present in preview.

Enjoy reading it and have a good Rebirth to everyone!


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