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When art meets passion at Tamborini’s Winery, Valentina Wine Collection comes to life. A new chapter has been added to the history of the family, which can tell about the work of the grape transformation into small artworks: a new line of special wines.

The first will of Valentina Tamborini is to create a refined and elegant red wine starting from its beloved grape variety. From this, Credi was born, making a label telling her love for the Ticino territory. Vivi comes immediately after, a white wine with great personality, produced with Johanniter, interspecific grape variety which shows a feature of resistance against cryptogamic diseases, in respect of the sustainability currently present in the vine.

Awarded by the 2019 Gambero Rosso Guide, the first two results of Valentina Tamborini Collection are messengers of solidarity, thanks to the support to OTAF Foundation and to Rare Genetic Disease of the Italian Switzerland.

A logo with a phoenix, symbol of rebirth, has been adopted to graphically represent Valentina Wine Collection. Each single creation brings a bunch of emotions. Not by chance, the Rebirth is the name of other three labels from the Collection: a white, a pink and a red wine easily appreciable, which can tell about a research of the most glamorous assembling, designed to be enjoyed with friends, for a happy hour during light-hearted moments.


The Collection





A new project, introduced with heart for those who have a heart. A jubilation of flavors and emotions.

The Resilience line was born to enhance those interspecific vines called PIWI (Pilzwiderstandsfähige), hybrid vines which show a peculiarity: they are resistant against cryptogamic disease and need less treatments. One of the values which will be prominent in the near future is the protection of the environment and it is rightly from this type of features that soon an environmental sustainability can be found in the winery field. Tamborini family has always been very careful on this, and so

farsighted that in the new vine Vallombrosa 3 they planted different new varieties.

Why the name “Resilience”?

The will of Valentina Wine Collection is to launch messages to people who are open to receive them and need to receive them.

“Resilience” is a word gathering many meanings. A very deep and complex concept and today very important, which from years has been drawing the attention of Valentina, becoming her mantra.

With a bit of irony, Valentina explains:” I wanted to play with the word “resilience”, relating to the resistance of this hybrid grape varieties, able to fight against the adversities and for this purpose “resilient”. Soon I understood that using this PIWI variety is the path to undertake in order to go over the usual patterns and finding new ways to conceive wine culture.”

The line Resilience is composed by five wines, products in limited edition (850 bottles), enhanced in different styles, some of them only in stainless steel, others pure with a passage in wood and in assembling, grown and produced in organic conversion.

Each wine is called “Resilient”, because it is resilient, resistant and has its own character with its different label, recalling each single style of production. Colored labels like rainbow, compliant with the claim #arainbowofemotions, because “the colors enlighten us, they give us strength and courage to go on”.

Another feature is the symbol on each label, which is a letter from the Sanskrit, a very old language, used in yoga and in its mantras. The union of these letters on each label forms a word translated in “Universal Love”. The word “love” in Sanskrit has more than ten meanings.

“Love for me is a fundamental feeling” explains Valentina “it gives you the keys for reading life, it gives you resistance, resilience. Love saved me and I wonder if love will save this world…I created this line because I would like to spread, besides resilience, a further hidden message: love is the cure, a key to an evolution worth for us, humans.”

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Resilient Johanniter, 

is the result of the hybrid PIWI vine, a mix between Riesling X (Seyve-Villard 12-481 X Ruländer X Gutedel).

White-berry vine, which recalls the Riesling and gives intense notes of aromatic herbs and white flowers, pleasant freshness and hydrocarbon sensations.

Resilient Johanniter

75 cl

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LINEA VWC 2021 O.png

Resilient Souvignier gris,

is the result of a hybrid PIWI vine and is a mix between Cabernet Sauvignon X Bronner.

Slightly pink berry vine, whose peel confers complexity to the production thanks to tannic add. The result is a wine of great character and potential.

Resilient Souvignier gris

75 cl

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LINEA VWC 2021 E.png

Resilient Solaris,

is the first wine in organic conversion from the Tamborini winery, with grapes certified Biosuisse and produced in a cellar through the quality control Bio Inspecta, both are two official Swiss federal institutions for quality check. It is an assembling between two hybrid PIWI Johanniter and Muscaris, fruit of crosses between Riesling X (Seyve-Villard 12-481 X Rülander X Gutedel)) and Muscat X Solaris.​ This wine, excellent protagonist of the new Resilience line, is a blend of great style and potential. Pride of Valentina Tamborini, it is a project which was born in 2013.

Resilient  Johanniter & Muscaris

75 cl

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LINEA VWC 2021 M.png

Resilient Bronner,

is the result of a hybrid PIWI, a mix of Merzling X (Zarya Severa X Saint-Laurent).

It is a wine which resembles white Pinot, complex and fruity and shows light of hay and a pleasant minerality.

Resilient Bronner

75 cl

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LINEA VWC 2021 R.png

Resilient Solaris

is the result of the hybrid PIWI vine, a mix between Merzling X (Saperavi severnyi X Muscat Ottonel).

The name “Solaris” means “belonging to sun”; it is a very rich wine, which tastes like pineapple and hazelnuts.

Resilient Solaris

75 cl

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Zero-mile… Swiss wine and swiss music!


Voilà! Here it is the new Resilience line, the line which goes beyond, which gathers wine and music. It is said that wine is an art; the inspiration for a pairing came from another artistic expression, the music.

Beyond the usual pattern of pairing wine to food, the Resilience line has been conceived to go over from the very beginning.


Why this? The reason lies in the respect for everyone’s taste: people loving meat and fish or people who chose to be vegetarian or vegan. But, why not trying a different experience?


Discover more here ...


La Rinascita

Rose ICT 



75 cl 

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La Rinascita

Red IGT 

Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet Franc,



75 cl 

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DEF bianco La Rinascita.png

La Rinascita

White IGT

Johanniter, Souvignier gris, Muscaris,

3 vitigni interspecifici


75 cl 

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Cabernet franc


75 cl  - 150 cl - 300 cl

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White DOC


75 cl  - 150 cl - 300 cl

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